Alldrive 4 Tonne Powerswivel


Hydraulically operated, 6mm steel base plate, fully welded, mouth and sides of skip reinforced with box sections giving greater strength to minimize skip damage. NO material traps. Power swivel mounted on ball bearing turntable with powered rotation through 180 degrees by means of twin slewing cylinders, operated by a single dual axis control lever. Automatic safety lock holds skip in central position when travelling.



Max Safe load        4,000 Kg

Heaped                   2,340 Litres

Struck                     1,755 Litres

Water                      1,390 Litres



1 4.7 km/h (2.9 mph)

2 10.9 km/h (6.8 mph)

3 20.0 km/h (12.6 mph)

Reverse 5.27 km/h (3.3 mph)

Tyres 12.0/75 x 18/ 12 ply/ Track grip tread


Tank Capacity

Fuel 45 Litres

Hydraulic 45 Litres


Unladen Weight 2630 Kg

Clearance Diameter 8m